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The inspiration for this album has to do with everything and everybody around me. For some reason music allows me to say what I want but just with a beat behind it! I think of this album as a get away/freedom to say what I want. Usually i’m working all day from 7-7 so I have to keep a closed mouth. (No profanity). If you are a fan of legendary musicians such as The Weeknd , Drake and others like them, this album is a must have for your Hip-Hop collection.

Great music!Oscar H.

About 6est7

My artist name I came up with is really unique. It’s actually my last name which is “Best” Only thing I made cool about it is I turned the “B” in best to a “6” and added “7” at the end. Everything I do I just gotta do it different or if not different. “special”

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